Red Chocolate is now available at iFood UK

Red Chocolate is now available at iFood UK

Red Chocolate combines chocolate with NO sugar, making it a unique product. The founders of Red Chocolate had a dream to revolutionize the chocolate industry by creating a recipe that delivered the sweetness that chocolate lovers crave without adding refined sugars. In reality, it took many years, and many batches, to bring this dream to life.


RED is manufactured in a technologically innovative, green-certified factory that holds ten global patents. Furthermore, our custom-made equipment is designed by leading German and Swiss manufacturers to ensure environmental-friendly processes in water and air purification, water recycling, free cooling, and recuperation. As a result of this new kitchen, RED was introduced to the European market in 2006, reaching its promised peak of indulgence.

We offer at the full range of Red Chocolate

you can buy them from the below link:


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